Mother's Day is May 13th and, we know there are a lot of different types of moms out there. So here is a list of some unique ways to celebrate mom in May.

Some of these are before Mother's Day, so maybe consider just spoiling mom all month long!

1.) Spoil her with food! Rudy's is having a cooking brunch class on May 12th and you can feed her at the Red Lion on Sunday hosted by Scooter's. Everyone loves food, you can't go wrong with food.

2.) Take her to the Vintage Vixen's Spring Market May 18th and 19th. Some moms like crafts and stuff. This may be the perfect fit for your mom., Flickr, Flickr

3.) Fit and Fresh Spa is having a Grand Opening on May 2nd. Again, food (can never go wrong with food) complimentary drinks and hello; it's a spa!

4.) Monster Truck Races at the Magic Valley Speedway. Again, we don't know what your mom likes, but you do! Maybe it's her thing! They are May 11th.

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5.) Take an Intro to Base Jumping Class! Maybe your mom is a daredevil type! Shawn Chuma is hosting the event May 21st - 24th. There are limited spaces, so go take your mom on an adventure!

6.) Do a pottery class with her at the Harry Pottery Party. There will be prizes and test you and your mom's knowledge of Harry Potter with trivia questions.

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7.) Take her to an enhanced permit course at Sportsman's on May 12th. Even though we don't know your mom or what she likes, we do know a lot of people love guns in this state; almost as much as they love food.

So there are some things you may be interested in doing for mom throughout the month of May.

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