All weekend long while going through your Facebook feed, you have probably seen people posting, "Do not accept a Facebook Friend request from me I have been hacked" or something along those lines. This isn't really true.

Now, we aren't saying that all of them are wrong. Some may have been cloned, more so than hacked. If you are worried you are a victim of a hack or clone here is how you can find out.

1.) Someone you speak to regularly told you they got a friend request from you even though you are already friends. Unless you locked yourself out of your account and had to create a new one, you were cloned.

2.) If you have multiple Facebook accounts, say for both work and personal, you can search yourself in the Facebook search. If there is an extra account that you don't recognize you have been cloned.

3.) Somehow you are posting an advertisement of some sort and tagging all the friends you can. It isn't you, so you have been hacked. I have been tagged in about 15 memes about deals on sunglasses from people I barely talk to.

4.) Your friends tell you they are getting random messages from you on Facebook. This happened to me, someone cloned my account and started talking to as many people on my friends list as they could get to.

5.) You can always check your Facebook login notifications, if someone got into your account from an unrecognizable IP Address Facebook will send you a notification.

So what do you do if you do get hacked or cloned? Report it to Facebook. Click on the profile, report that profile and in the reason section tell Facebook they are pretending to be you. It is pretty easy. If someone hacked your account, you can also report that to Facebook, then change your password to something stronger.

Most importantly, the message going around that people are being hacked left and right is just a panic post. They are copying and pasting other people's status and sharing it. Your account should be ok and if it isn't at least now you know what to look for and how to fix it.

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