Hate to state the obvious here but it is windy today! We have a wind advisory in effect and for good reason. It sounds like the big bad wolf is trying to blow the house in! So, just for fun, here are some things you may find in your back or front yards today.


  • 1


    We have all seen the garbage flying around. Yep, you are probably going to find someone else's garbage in your yard.

  • 2

    A Trampoline (That isn't yours)

    These kinds of wind are notorious for lifting trampolines and flinging them all over the place. Hey, maybe you could get a free trampoline out of these crazy winds.

  • 3

    A Dumpster

    There is a good chance you are going to find your neighbors dumpster in your yard. If not your yard, the middle of the street, neighborhood or up against your car.

  • 4

    Tumble Weeds

    Yep, they are pretty much everywhere. Tumble weeds are going to be found in your yard, trying to attack you when you are driving down the road or in your hair. Yea, that's happened to me before.

  • 5

    Flying Squirrels (that aren't supposed to fly)

    These winds are crazy enough that a regular tree squirrel could turn into a flying squirrel at any given moment. Keep your eyes peeled so you don't take one to the back of the head.

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