Twin Falls is growing pretty rapidly, but there are a lot of some things, and not much of others. So here are some things we have heard Twin Falls could really use.

1.) A Giant Family Rec Center - there are centers like Mardi Katz, Laser Tag, Jumptime and Putter's mini golf, but we have heard a lot of locals say that they want an indoor area with basketball hoops, games, batting cages and family fun indoors and all in one place.

2.) Water park/amusement park - even though it only seems like Idaho gets a week of summer, a water park would be fun, or an amusement park would be great. It would be especially awesome if it was indoors and able to be used year round.

3.) Whole foods or Trader Joe's - got lots of grocery stores, but some want the ability to buy organic or in bulk without having to get a membership or searching multiple places.

4.) Night life - right now the night life consists of going to bars and Twin Falls Brickhouse late at night. Maybe a club, a themed gaming area and bar for adults would be nice. Something that is open past 9 P.M. and on Sunday.

5.) A Seafood restaurant - Twin Falls has a TON of restaurants, but plenty of people are looking for some good seafood, like a Red Lobster. This far inland, could it even happen?

What do you think we missed?

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