Halloween can be a ton of fun but it isn't necessarily for everyone. Here are some things people need to know while going out and about this year for Halloween.

1.) Some kids can't eat all candy. There are allergies and things to consider. If you want to accommodate every child consider getting a teal pumpkin and get some cute little toys, like spiders or whistles, from the dollar store and hand them out to kids that can't have the candy.

2.) Not all families have a budget to get their kids costumes. Obviously, it kind of depends on the situation, but if you see a kid not in costume it may not be the best thing to point out. Now, we aren't talking the teenagers here, they can make something if they have to. Plus, you got the candy to hand out, just give them some candy.

3.) Some teens legitimately want to go trick or treating. They aren't all out to cause mischief and trouble. If they are in costume and looking like they are having a good time and are respectful, it might be worth it to give them candy no matter how old they are.

4.) Even for those who are older, don't judge a book by it's cover. Some older kids look older, but have autism or something that is not obvious on the outside. Again, you got the candy to hand out, might as well just do it.

5.) If you don't want to trick or treat around neighborhoods there are a ton of trunk or treat events that are safe for everyone and free to get in. If you do not want to hand out candy, turn your porch light off. If you ring a doorbell with a porch light off they have the right to scare the dickens out of you!

Let's have a safe and happy Halloween!

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