Every state and city has their own quirks, and it is pretty easy to find an outsider if they don't know these five things.

1.) It is pronounced Show-Shone Falls not Shu-Shonee. Like, the Sho(w)shone Falls will put on a fantastic show! Easy to mess up, but everyone knows if you just moved here if you say it wrong.

2.) Fry sauce is king! It doesn't matter if it is french fries, tater tots, corn dogs; whatever. You don't get ketchup or ranch, you order fry sauce.

3.) There are "mysterious booms". They are said not to be earthquakes, weather or air force base related. They are just a thing that happens, accept it.

4.) We like guns. We like to carry guns, we like to play with guns (safely), and we like to show off our guns. The gentleman in the grocery store with a gun on his hip is just the neighbor down the road.

5.) The weather is going to change, drastically, and almost instantly. The wind could pick up to 75 MPH and sunshine, and five minutes later it can be blistering snow and gloomy. Best just to be prepared for everything when you walk out the door.

These are just our top five. What do you think we missed?

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