We have all been stuck in front or behind one of these drivers. They are the ones that need to remember that winter weather conditions are in fact much harder to drive in.

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    They are bad enough in the summer time, but during winter weather conditions it is even worse! Do you know how quickly you could slam into the back of the car in front of you?

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    Don't scrape the windshield

    You may be in a hurry and just have a port hole for vision in your windshield but that is a terrible idea, and it is illegal. Make sure you fully scrape your windshield for optimum vision. Sure the defroster will get it eventually but it may be too late at that point

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    Lack of headlights cleaned off

    Yep, headlights get ice on them too. Clean the snow and ice off of them, especially if it is dark outside. Ice and snow is not completely translucent. It impedes light and therefore, vision. And it makes it harder for other people to see you.

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    Excess snow on the roof/hood of car

    Seriously if you have three storms worth of snow on your vehicle you are causing a danger to everyone. It doesn't just miraculously stay there, it will fall off, and there is a good chance it will right onto another persons vehicle.

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    Worn out tires

    Make sure you have appropriate tires on your vehicle. It is not only a danger to you but everyone else. You will slip and slide all over the place and either end up in a ditch or crashing into another vehicle.

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