Since mid to late March, we have all become pros at social distancing and staying home except for emergency errands. OK, that's probably not true for the majority of us since Twin Falls has remained a bustle of activity throughout this pandemic. The definition of stay-at-home or social distance has been a blurry meaning for each individual. I caught my wife making plans to head to the park with the kids to play on the playground. She admits that she 'completely forgot about the coronavirus for a moment'. Stage-3 of Idaho Rebounds is underway and we do get to go out and do more things right now, but we still need to be smart and careful. If you live in a house you love it may be easier to stay home, especially if that house has extra features that make it not feel like a house. Maybe a house with a hot tub, basketball or tennis court, a home theater, or a pool could really make staying home a lot less of a chore?

There are a few houses for sale around Twin Falls right now that could fit the bill and help you stay home more. Check out five of them below and see why they are perfect for social isolation. Starting with this amazing building in Eden:

Old Eden School

Settlers Way

Sage View


Wildwood Way

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