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October in Idaho means winter could show up at any second. If your vehicle isn't really prepared for winter, there are a few things you can purchase that will make driving around this winter just a little more bearable.

Coming from the desert and never really dealing with snow, the purchase of these items helped very much in my adjustment period. Some of them are still on my wish list.
  • 1

    Windshield Frost Guard

    A windshield snow cover and frost guard can save you some serious time in the mornings. Put it on the night before and pull it off in the morning along with all the snow and no ice to scrape. If you don't have an ice scraper, you may want to try these cool gloves too. Either way you need something to get the snow and ice off your windshield.

  • 2

    Folding Snow Shovel

    Getting a snow shovel that fits well in your vehicle is important. If you get stuck on the side of the road, if you are at work and a snow storm hits you are going to want something to dig yourself out, just in case.

  • 3

    Seat Warmer

    If you are like me and don't have a fancy car with fancy heated seats, a seat warmer cover is a good alternative. Even when it is cold outside your tush can be nice and warm.

  • 4

    Roadside Emergency Kit

    A roadside emergency kit is a must pretty much year round but it is especially good during the winter. Make sure you get one that has items that can make you visible in the snow if you slide off the side, jumper cables and the works. Everything you need just in case you get stuck in the snow somewhere.

  • 5

    Heavy Duty Floor Mats

    I think heavy duty floor mats are a must in the winter. They protect your flooring and are easy to remove and clean. Plus they trap mud and snow in one convenient holding space.

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