Lets hope no one is dying any time soon, this also applies to anyone who may be visiting or moving out of the area. Basically, the must have foods you have to have while you are in the Magic Valley.

1.) Finger Steaks and fry sauce: I feel like this is a duh moment, but nothing screams Idaho's delicious food quite like amazing finger steaks and fry sauce. The Cove I hear has some pretty stellar ones on the menu.

2.) Pretty much any sandwich or meal with Idaho before it. This seems incredibly vague, but hear me out. Places like The Anchor Bar & Bistro has an Idaho Cubano, which is a Cuban sandwich with an Idaho touch (bacon, pulled pork mmmm) Or you could head to Twin Falls Sandwich Company and eat any (or all) of their Idaho themed sandwiches. They are all delicious.

3.) Huckleberry Ice Cream from Cloverleaf Creamery. Really, any ice cream from Cloverleaf Creamery because it is amazing.

4.) Trout from Hagerman. I feel like any trout you get from around this area is going to be Hagerman trout. It is delicious. Head to Elevation 486 not only for the trout, but the view.

5.) You have to try pretty much any fresh meat from Scarrow Meats (their prime rib is amazing) anything from Falls Brand or anything from Glanbia Cheese Market. Seriously, the best sausage, bacon, prime rib and just meat. So good! Plus Glanbia Cheese Market is the only place in the country you can get Glanbia products on a non-commercial level. They don't have any other store fronts. Their hickory smoked cheddar is my favorite.

You definitely have to try these things before you are no longer in the Magic Valley. How many have you already had?

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