Father's Day is tomorrow. If you read that line and you're shocked, that's bad news. Still, there's time to get out and pick up something cool that might really make the big guy happy. We've pulled together five gifts ideas that you can round up in a hurry and dad will actually want.

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    Duracell Instant Power Charger


    There's nothing worse than being right in the middle of a big family event and realizing that you're phone is about to die. Luckily Duracell came up with a solution: change the batteries! In this case, the batteries are in the emergency charger that you attach to your phone or device via USB. It's a slick idea from the copper top company that works and dad might actually use.

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    Leatherman Sidekick


    I have two multi-tools on me at all times: a smaller Gerber Bear Grylls multi-tool that I keep in my pocket, and my super awesome Leatherman Blast that stays in my laptop bag. I can't begin to describe how handy these two tools are, and how much I use them every single day. Get dad a Leatherman for Father's Day and he will be very pleased.

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    iTunes Gift Card

    $10 / $15 / $25 / $50

    Give dad exactly what he wants for Father's Day: the gift he can choose himself. An iTunes gift card is a handy present that can be redeemed for music, movies, tv shows, and apps. It very nearly is the perfect gift.

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    A Cheeseburger

    $5 - $20

    Think of all of those parties or holidays that you make dad barbeque for. He may really enjoy it, but he might enjoy a day off the grill too. This year for Father's Day, grill for dad or take him to dinner somewhere.

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    A Day Off


    For Father's Day this year, give dad the one gift he may actually need the most: a day off. Dads work a lot, and they take care of the family, and the house, and the car... what dad may like the most this year is to put his feet up and rest. Rally the family and give dad the day off for Father's Day.

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