HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A Fairfield man will spend at minimum 17 years behind bars for killing three young passengers in a sedan last year while driving intoxicated. According to court records, recently Matthew Richard Park was sentenced on three counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence after he took a plead deal in May.

On August 10, 2019 Park was driving a 1995 Dodge Ram pickup that crashed into the back of a stopped Dodge Neon on Highway 20 at temporary traffic signal near Hot Springs Landing at around 1:19 a.m. Two girls, ages five and six, were killed in the collision while a three-year-old later died at a Boise hospital, all had been in their car seats. Both the parents were injured, the father suffered back injuries while the mother suffered injuries to her arm.

Investigators conducted alcohol tests after the accident in which Park blew a .191 and .189 on a breathalyzer. They later discovered he had bought numerous beers at several bars in Bellevue before the crash.

Park, now 47, was sentenced on each count of vehicular manslaughter to five years determinate and ten years indeterminate. On the DUI charge he was given two years and six month sentence, all charges to run consecutively.

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