Chalk this up to things I wish I had the money for. There is a massive home for sale in Twin Falls that is over 11,000 square feet and has a gorgeous view.

This 5 bedroom 8 bathroom home is for sale for a whopping $995 thousand dollars. Although, a home with that square footage with that view, less than a million dollars is pretty surprising. It is located above Rock Creek Canyon at 791 Rimview Lane West in Twin Falls and this place is stunning.

Zillow via Cindy Collins

The house sits on 2.8 acres of land, has an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub. I am not sure if it is going to come with the giant inflatable swan though. The hot tub is also enclosed and there is closed off patio space as well.

Zillow via Cindy Collins

With 5 fireplaces you won't have too hard of a time keeping the place warm. And it has full surround sound which is pretty great. If you look at the pictures it definitely looks like grandma and grandpa lived there. Some of the furniture is a little vintage and the electronics in some of the rooms look a little dated, but could you imagine all the things you could do with that much space?

The yard looks like a park, great if you have kids and dogs. There is plenty of space to run around. It looks like a pretty massive garage as well. The kitchen and bathrooms are all gorgeous as well. The one has a beautiful tub that looks like you could lay in and have water cover everything. Life goals, right ladies?

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