Sometimes the only thing I can relate to is mommy blogs. There are a lot of brilliant mommies that write hilarious posts about the "truths' of motherhood.

Today I found a list of 10 things a mother wants for Mothers Day on This is the most accurate list I have ever read, when it comes to what a mother really wants for Mothers Day!


1. They don’t want to assist anyone with their bathroom needs.

2. They want brunch! But not with the whole frigging family.

3. They want to sleep in. But not with there hooligans shouting “MOMMYYYYYY!!!” at the top of their lungs and ramming anything with wheels on it into the walls outside their bedroom door.

4. They want a card. Most moms don't want a sappy Hallmark card, they want anything homemade.

5. Jewelry jewelry jewelry. But not homemade. We have plenty of moldy fruit loop necklaces at the bottom of our bathroom drawers. We want REAL jewelry.

6. They want dinner cooked for them. In someone else’s kitchen. Enough said!

7. They want to use the restroom in peace and quiet. It never fails that every time mommy needs to use the potty all the kids need their shoes tied.

8. They want chocolate. Not chocolate M & Ms that are left over from Easter. They want their every own $5 chocolate bar.

9. They want a good present. It doesn't have to be big, just anything that isn't related to cooking or cleaning.

10. Last but not least, they want 15 to 30 minutes of pure peace and quiet to read a book or watch garbage television.

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