Good news:  No, you DON'T have to wash your jeans every time you wear them.  And if you're willing to base your behavior off one guy's semi-scientific experiment . . . you may never have to wash them again.

 Josh Le is a student at the University of Alberta, Canada.  He decided to do an experiment where he wore the same pair of jeans for FIFTEEN MONTHS without ever washing them once. 

And, allegedly, it wasn't because he's a guy and therefore absurdly lazy about jean washing.  No . . . he says he wanted to break them in so they'd fit perfectly and have nice, unique lines and creases. 

After 15 months, he took his jeans to a human ecology professor named Rachel McQueen to test them for bacteria.  And while the swabs turned up five different kinds of bacteria . . . NONE of them posed any kind of health hazard.

 She says, quote, "I didn't see any evidence, but that could be unique to Josh.  I mean, he wore underwear, which can be helpful."