Is Washing Your Hair Once a Week Gross?
Girls everywhere are talking about the "no-poo" way of taking care of their hair. I am hoping there are other names for it, but "no-poo" is the only term I have heard. This process eliminates shampoo and conditioner entirely.
Help the Boy Scouts Break a World Record
Boy Scouts of America are teaming up with Rocket Car Wash and are going to be trying to break the world record for washing the most cars in a two day period. Stop by Rock Express on Blue Lakes on Monday the 11th and Tuesday the 10th from 7:00am to 9:00pm...
You Might Not Need To Wash Your Pants
Good news:  No, you DON'T have to wash your jeans every time you wear them.  And if you're willing to base your behavior off one guy's semi-scientific experiment . . . you may never have to wash them again.