Are Leggings Undergarments?
I read an article yesterday about leggings. Leggings have been a trend for the past five years or so. I always thought that leggings would just naturally work themselves out of the fashion industry, but the trend seems to be growing. Leggings now come in all different colors, prints, shapes and size…
What Size Do Sales Clerks Think You Are?
Have you ever had a sales clerk in a department store try and tell you what size you "really" are. For some reason they all think I am littler than I am. So it is really awkward when they try and sell me something that just DOESN'T fit. Awkward...
Is It OK For Women to Wear Jeans and a T-shirt to a Wedding? [POLL]
Don't get me wrong...I don't think you need to dress up everywhere you go. I just think the way you dress shows a level of respect. You wouldn't want your banker to be wearing pajama pants and you wouldn't show up to a funeral in jeans and a t-shirt so why in the world would you show up to a wedding…
How Much Would You Pay For The Perfect Pair of Pants? [POLL]
We all know that having that perfect pair of pants can truly make your day, or at least it does mine...but how much would you pay for the perfect pair of pants. The last time I went shopping for pants I found an awesome pair but they were $250.00. WOW! That is a little over my budget because my kids…
What Will It Take to Get Your Teenager to Pull Up Their Pants?
I was working extremely hard this morning at work when I noticed one of  my Facebook friends had posted that he had made the decision to wear his pants as low as his sons to try and embarrass him into pulling up his pants. I thought this was a pretty, darn good idea.
Man Tries to Steal Shrimp by Stuffing Bag Down Pants
While grocery shopping last Thursday, Pennsylvania resident Brian McDaniel decided he wanted to chow down on some shrimp.
Instead of paying for them like your typical consumer, he allegedly shoved the bag down his pants and tried to saunter out of the store.
You Might Not Need To Wash Your Pants
Good news:  No, you DON'T have to wash your jeans every time you wear them.  And if you're willing to base your behavior off one guy's semi-scientific experiment . . . you may never have to wash them again.