My hair is starting to thin on top.  That's putting in nicely.  If you're taller than me, you can probably see a growing bald spot at the top of my head.

When my groomer, Jan first told me, I didn't want to believe her.  I even went home to have my wife confirm that yes, I have a balding area.

I found this funny (and somewhat disturbing) list of things guys would give up to have their hair back.

13% of bald men say when they first started feeling truly bald it affected their relationship.

4% said they went TEMPORARILY INSANE when they lost their hair.

25% of bald men would give up a pay raise this year to get their hair back

38% would give up alcohol for a year.

23% would, , "give up their mother-in-law" to get their hair back.  I'm not exactly sure what that means.  Are these guys saying they'd MURDER their wife's mom to get their hair back?

And finally, 10% of bald men would shave off (no pun) up a year of their life to get their hair back.