Girls everywhere are talking about the "no-poo" way of taking care of their hair. I am hoping there are other names for it, but "no-poo" is the only term I have heard. This process eliminates shampoo and conditioner entirely.

Apparently, you substituting baking soda and vinegar in it’s place and only wash once a week or twice a month. The baking soda acts as the cleaning agent and the vinegar acts as the conditioning agent.

While I understand that shampooing your hair isn't the best thing for it. Am I the only one that fears smelling like vinegar. You can use perfumes and oils to cover the smell but we all know that covering a smell has never worked!

The other question that comes to mind is won't my hair get greasy. Apparently, shampoo actually causes your scalp to produce more oil than is necessary. I might have to try the "no-poo" hair care system to see why so many women swear by it.