Would You Call In Sick Over This?
We've all had mornings where our hair wouldn't curl, your shirt looks nothing like the last time you wore it, and your skirt has a stain on it that appeared out of nowhere.
How do these things happen and why do they only happen when you wake up 15 minutes late?
Is Washing Your Hair Once a Week Gross?
Girls everywhere are talking about the "no-poo" way of taking care of their hair. I am hoping there are other names for it, but "no-poo" is the only term I have heard. This process eliminates shampoo and conditioner entirely.
What Phase Did You Go Through That You Still CRINGE About Today?
What phase did you go through that you still CRINGE about today? Don't lie, you know you had a mullet, big bangs, wore your jean jacket with your jeans or went through a gothic phase. There was a discussion online at Reddit. . . check out a few highlights:  There was an Indian guy who went…
Can An Apple Heal It’s Own Bruise? [POLL]
Recently I colored my hair and it fried it. In order to fix my hair I went to the beauty supply shop and asked if they had any reconstructing shampoo and conditioner. They recommended a product that has a special kind of apple in it that can apparently heal itself when it becomes brui…
Should Terry Cut His Hair? [Poll]
Three and a half years ago I started growing my hair on a bet. My wife wagered that I couldn't go a month without cutting it. She was right. I lost that bet. Double-or-nothing and now my hair is over ten inches in length.
So... Should I cut it?