Men take the flu harder than women.

A new survey from found that 98% of women and 79% of men agree that men demand more sympathy when they have the flu . . . I knew it!

Around 75% of people surveyed, including 72% of women, say they believe men's flu symptoms are worse than women's and take longer to recover from.

2.)  Cold helps you lose weight?  A new study from Newswise out of Boston has found that cooling your body down actually helps you burn extra fat.  People who wore a 57-degree vest for a few hours lost more weight than anyone else in the survey.

What does that mean?  If you're willing to subject yourself to an ice-cold shower or bath, it'll probably help you burn a little more fat on a daily basis.

3.)  Sharing a bed keeps you alive. According to sleep experts from Wall Street Journal, one of the main reasons married people have better health and live longer is because they share a bed.

A new study at the University of Pittsburgh has found people who share a bed actually have lower levels of a stress hormone called cortisol.  They also have fewer cytokines, which are involved in inflammation.