Would You Call In Sick Over This?
We've all had mornings where our hair wouldn't curl, your shirt looks nothing like the last time you wore it, and your skirt has a stain on it that appeared out of nowhere.
How do these things happen and why do they only happen when you wake up 15 minutes late?
Suprising Ways To Prevent the Flu
The flu is here. Ugh! My littlest son was sick last week, my oldest and I are sick this week. The radio station has been one big flu virus all month so it's time to read up on ways to prevent sickness.  According to there are some surprising ways to prevent the flu or a cold.

Lose the booz…
Free Flu Study In Twin Falls
Flu season is here, and even though it seems to have been pretty tame so far if you are experiencing flu symptoms you might be able to participate in a free flu study in Twin falls at Asthma and Allergy of Idaho.
Does Being Cold Make You Sick? [Video]
As I write this, the front office sounds like the Tuberculosis Wing at the hospital. Everyone has returned from holiday break coughing, hacking, sneezing, and generally sounding gross. But why did everyone get sick? Does the cold make you sick?
Is Strep Throat in Your Childs School?
Everybody seems to be sick this time of year. I've noticed that some people are become extremely sick which is different from the usual cold we see this time of year. My family and some co-workers have been sick for the past week and I didn't think it was anything but a flu/cold until I received a n…
Are You Afraid To Eat Chobani Yogurt?
I like chobani yogurt. It tastes good, is all natural and the plant is in our backyard. Unbforunatly for Chobani, two months ago rumors surfaced about moldy yogurt cups from the Twin Falls plant. People continue to report illnesses to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
According to The Times-news…
Summer Colds
Summer colds are terrible. There is nothing like having a fever when it's 95 degrees outside. All complaining aside. We all get colds and unfortunately life doesn't stop when we do. So we have to just deal with them. Everyone knows that if you have a fever you stay home and take some ibuprofen but h…

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