Men Take The Flu Harder Than Women
Men take the flu harder than women.
A new survey from found that 98% of women and 79% of men agree that men demand more sympathy when they have the flu . . . I knew it!
Around 75% of people surveyed, including 72% of women, say they believe men's flu symptoms are worse than women&apos…
Men Consulting Their Wifes About Clothing [POLL]
I can't believe it, but the majority of men ARE actually willing to admit they have no idea how to dress themselves.  According to a new survey, 60% of men say they consult with their wife or girlfriend on what to wear before they go to work...
Man Blows Up Like a Balloon After Getting Pierced by Air Hose
When people tell Steven McCormack he's full of hot air, they're not kidding.
The 48-year-old truck driver from New Zealand blew up like a balloon last Saturday after a compressed air hose punctured his rear end, resulting in a massive amount of air hurdling its way into his body.
A 13-Year-Old Started a “Man Scented” Candle Business
This kid is going to be richer than all of us, man.
 Last fall, 13-year-old Hart Main of Marysville, Ohio saw his sister selling candles for school.  And he was making fun of her, like 13-year-old boys do, because all the candles had ultra-feminine scents like lavender and flowers.
Carrying a Man-Purse Could Cause Back Problems:
Terrible news here for all of my fellow MAN PURSE aficionados.  We may look totally cool and sophisticated and manly carrying our man purses . . . but we could be causing ourselves health problems.  ALMOST makes you question if it's worth it.
According to the British Chiropractic Association, carryin…
Male Rights Activist Says ‘Boycott Valentine’s Day’
Marc Rudov, the self-proclaimed "No Nonsense Man" is causing controversy with his contention that real men should boycott Valentine's Day, which he calls "Nomance Day." He describes Valentine's Day as "phony, guilt-driven, over-priced" and "all about her."
Facebook Saved A Mans Life
51-year-old Bob Chambers of Spokane, Washington has muscular dystrophy and has a lot of difficulty moving around.  So earlier this week, when he was home alone and the house caught on fire, he thought he might not make it.
His toaster had caught on fire and smoke was starting to fill the room, but Bo…