Would You Pay $35,000 To Give Your Baby A Unique Name
There are quite a few people in this world who will spend money on the dumbest things just because they can. Other people only spend money when they can. Then there are people who will spend money because they can't think of a name for their children.
For real.
New Twin Falls School Name and Mascot
The Twin Falls School District is still trying to decide on names and mascots for the new schools coming to Twin Falls. Over 200 nominations have been submitted to the school district. The district narrowed it down to the suggested names below.
Should the Redskins Change Their Name?
In May 2013 ten members of Congress sent a letter to Dan Snyder (Redskins owner) and the NFL Commissioner requesting that the "Redskins" name be changed since it is offensive to Native Americans. Dan Snyder responded that the name will never change, and in June 2013 Roger Goodell cited the…
You Could Name a Run On Soldier Mountain
The Trail committee at Soldier Mountain has some new runs to rename and Soldier is asking for your help. There are 14 runs that need names. They will consider all suggestions and would like any history you have  to go with your suggestion.
What Is The Best Name For a Fantasy Football Team? [POLL]
I didn't play fantasy football this year but I still claim to have the best fantasy football name in any league. Your fantasy football team's name is important. Most people go with a name that sounds strong and important. I, on the other hand, tried to come up with a really cute name...
Women Hate These ‘Pet Names’
According to a survey from Siteopia by a British website called Siteopia, only one in five people call their partner by their actual name all the time.  The rest have 'pet names' for each other.
Facebook-Obsessed Couple Names Their Baby ‘Like’
An Israeli couple recently named their newborn daughter "Like," as in, the button you press when you enjoy a post on the popular social media site Facebook.
This is how the girl's father, Lior Adler, explained the name to the German press agency dpa:
"If once people gav…

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