In May 2013 ten members of Congress sent a letter to Dan Snyder (Redskins owner) and the NFL Commissioner requesting that the "Redskins" name be changed since it is offensive to Native Americans. Dan Snyder responded that the name will never change, and in June 2013 Roger Goodell cited the nickname's origins and traditions and polls that support its popularity. The Oneida Indian Nation of New York is sponsoring a series of radio ads as part of a new campaign to have the name changed. The campaign will include a symposium and protest that will coincide with a meeting of the NFL.

President Barack Obama stated in an interview that if he were the owner of the Redskins, he would consider changing the name because it offends many Native Americans.

According to Wikipedia, Dan Snyder sent an open letter to fans that was published in the Washington Post on October 9, 2013. In the letter Snyder states that the most important meaning of the name Redskins is the association that fans have to memories of their personal history with the team. He also repeats that there name was chosen to honor Native Americans in general and the coach and four players who were Native American.

The National Congress of American Indians has issued a report summarizing opposition to Indian mascots and team names generally, and the Washington Redskins in particular.

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