Do you know who Mitt Romeny is? If not, do you think he's a cat? Apparently, one out of every 50 people in this country thinks MITT ROMNEY is a cat.

According to a new survey by Vanity Fair and "60 Minutes", a full 2% of the U.S. population thinks that "Mitt" is actually short for . . . "Mittens."  They believe his full legal name is Mittens Romney. Really?

Another 2% believe his real first name is Gromit.

Granted, this was SORT OF a trick question . . . his real first name is Willard.  Only 6% of the people surveyed knew that.

The most popular answer was that Mitt isn't short for anything, at 20%.  18% thought Mitt was short for Mitchell, and 8% thought it was short for Milton.  44% of people admitted they didn't know.