51-year-old Bob Chambers of Spokane, Washington has muscular dystrophy and has a lot of difficulty moving around.  So earlier this week, when he was home alone and the house caught on fire, he thought he might not make it.

His toaster had caught on fire and smoke was starting to fill the room, but Bob couldn't move enough to get to the phone.  So he used the only communication method he had available:  Facebook.

Bob posted on Facebook, "Help me.  My house is on fire and I can't get out."  He also typed his address.

Two of his online friends saw the message and called their local 911 numbers.

The fire department made it to Bob's house only TEN MINUTES after he posted the S.O.S.  Firefighters were able to contain the toaster fire before it could spread.

Bob's wife is named Pat Ducham.  She says, quote, "I hated Facebook because he doesn't pay attention to me or anything else in the house.  Now I've got to bite my tongue because it saved his life quite possibly."