This kid is going to be richer than all of us, man.

 Last fall, 13-year-old Hart Main of Marysville, Ohio saw his sister selling candles for school.  And he was making fun of her, like 13-year-old boys do, because all the candles had ultra-feminine scents like lavender and flowers.

 So he thought of a business idea:  What if he made candles that had MANLY scents.  So he started a company called Man Cans and started making them.  And they started selling.

 His candles have scents like pizza, saw dust, fresh cut grass, leather baseball mitt, bacon, flapjacks, and campfire.

 In the past few months, he's sold about 500 candles at $5 each . . . they only cost him $2.50 to make.  He hasn't gotten rich yet . . . but he says he was able to buy himself a sweet new bike.

Now that he's starting to get national attention, his website is having trouble keeping up, but when it's working, you can order at