One of the most mysterious and horrible unsolved cases in Idaho involved the murder of 5 people in three years. Between 1979 and 1982 in northern Idaho, 5 people were killed, one as young s 12 years old.

The Stage Door Killer In Lewis Clark Valley

The 5 victims were Christina Lee White, 12 years old, Kristin Noel David, 22 years old, Kristina Diane Nelson, 21 years old, Brandy Miller, 18 years old, and Stephen Pearsall, 35 years old. At first, they were not sure if all the murders/disappearances were connected. However, they found a link between all of the victims in the case. The connection appears to be the Lewiston Civic Theater.

Christina Lee White

Christina Lee White was 12 years old when she went missing from the county fair. Reports said that she had a heat stroke and went to get help from a friend to contact her mother. Her mother was unable to get her and assumed she returned to the fair. She was never seen again and her bicycle was not found. Apparently, she had gone to the theater to cool off at one point.

Kristin Noel David

She was a student at the University of Idaho. She was riding her bike when she disappeared on June 26th, 1981. Her body was recovered on July 4th of that year in the Snake River in Washington. A farmer had seen her fall from her bike, he called paramedics, but the man driving a van, the woman, and the bike disappeared.

Kristina Diane Nelson and Brandy Miller

Bother were stepsisters walking to a grocery store. They vanished on September 12th, 1982, and their remains were found on March 19th, 1984. They had a connection to the Lewiston Civic Theater as well.

Stephen R Pearsall

He went missing the same night Kristina and Brandy did. He was the custodian at the Lewiston Civic Theater. He was there to practice the clarinet and do some laundry. Unfortunately, he was never seen again. The only things left were his paycheck and car at a friend's house, and his clarinet left in the theater.

Some Theories

Some people believe that Stephen may have witnessed the murders of Kristina and Brandy and ended up being collateral damage. Though none of that has been confirmed. They did have one suspect but they did not have enough evidence to determine anything. Many believe that whoever committed the crimes was able to get out of there without issue and potentially have other victims in other states.

There is still an effort to find out who did these murders. With advancements in technology, there is still hope that evidence may be uncovered and the families will finally know what happened to their loved ones.

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