Montgomery Gentry‘s Troy Gentry is looking forward to a big treat — joining family and friends to whoop it up on Halloween.

“We are all stoked about Halloween,” Gentry told Taste of Country. “We go all out for it. It’s a great time especially now that [my youngest daughter, Kaylee,] is 8 years old and is getting all involved in decorating [and costumes].”

Although Gentry and his musical partner Eddie Montgomery are “like two kids in a candy shop,” having fun supporting their latest album ‘Rebels on the Run,’ there is no way they will miss Halloween with their nearest and dearest. “We will be home for Halloween. We usually try to block off that time,” Gentry said. “We love to spend that time with our kids. And all the kids in my [Nashville area] neighborhood are running around from door to door, so it’s great.”

Until last year, Gentry used to invite trick-or-treaters to tour a 13-foot trailer decorated just for the holiday.  This year, he and other adult neighbors will spend more time on costumes, parties and going door to door with the kids. “It used to be where everyone would make a beeline to the trailer door. Now the kids [in the neighborhood] are older and they love running door to door,” said Gentry. “The adults are all out with the kids and we’re pretty much on the honor system where everybody leaves a dish of candy outside the front door and kids help themselves.”

But don’t think Gentry will be just an onlooker. He’s ready to get decked out himself when he and his wife accompany Kaylee on the door-to-door trek. Although he kept this year’s costume a secret, he said he always has fun selecting one. “My big thing is, I’m a Batman fan,” said Gentry noting he’s also been a vampire in the past. “One year [my wife Angie and I] dressed as Elvis and Priscilla Presley…It’s all a lot of fun!”