Eating is one of the best aspects of life. There are many different things to enjoy. Burgers, pizza, sweets, salty snacks, veggies, fruits, and everything in between all have their flavor and enjoyment. We all have to do it, and many of us enjoy it. With so many different cultures and different options, everyone likes different things. Some like spicy, some like sweet, some have allergies and some can eat anything. It is the beauty of the world we live in when it comes to eating, but some certain combinations aren't meant to go together and seem a bit weird to everyone. Living in Idaho, there are certain foods that we enjoy that others might find odd, but according to one study, the weirdest thing people enjoy in Idaho will surprise you.

The Weirdest Food People Eat in Idaho and California

Credit: bckfwd on Unsplash
Credit: bckfwd on Unsplash

There are some weird combinations out there when it comes to food, and it can often lead others scratching their head as to how somebody could eat such things. A recent study by revealed the weirdest foods and cravings in each state, and Idaho's might surprise you. According to the survey, which looked at odd food combinations, the preference for many Idahoans is pineapple and pizza. Depending on where you grew up, this might not seem like an odd combo, but for many across the country, fruit and pizza don't mix well together. This combination dominated the western United States, being the favorite combo for other states such as California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. 

The Weirdest Food Combinations in the United States

Photo by Coffeefy Workafe on Unsplash
Photo by Coffeefy Workafe on Unsplash

If pineapple and pizza aren't an odd enough combination for you, there are some other odd choices that other states prefer. Utah's favorite combination is a milkshake and fries. For those that haven't tried this, you are missing out. Chicken and Waffles is a popular combination in many southern states. Others on the list include chocolate and popcorn, ketchup and eggs, and salt and watermelon. To see the full list of odd and unique food combos that people enjoy, make sure to click the link above. You will either be disgusted or have a list of new things to try. 

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The next time you go out and eat in Idaho or California, take a chance and try something new. The only way to discover new combinations is by trial and error. Don't let the odd looks and comments get to you, enjoy your weird foods share them with the world, and let others know of your delicious discoveries.

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