This has been a long and stressful task for The Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Can they open for 2021? I was going to write an article a month ago regarding an opening and then everything got pushed back. Would there actually be a festival?

The answer is a long-awaited yes! The Idaho Shakespeare Festival will be inviting fans back to enjoy some great outdoor dining experiences, fascinating plays, and the beautiful Foothills backdrop.

This season will obviously be a shorter number of plays, but the same great performances. Here's what you can expect from this Summer's shows.

  • Anthony Shaffer's Thriller Sleuth. This play runs from July 8 - August 1.
  • Williams Shakespeare's The Tempest. This play begins August 12 - September 5.
  • Every William Shakespeare plays packed in one. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) to end out Summer from September 10 - 26.

Why only three plays? and only one title carried from the season announced last fall? With performances trimmed from 99 to 59, and safety at the heart of planning, we need to reduce the size and scale of the season to best support the health of the company, as well as position new protocols to secure artistic and fiscal strength for the future.

That comes from the Producing Artistic Director, Charles Fee, who has been updating the community every step of the way. You will be able to picnic before or dine with drinks at Café Shakespeare. The festival front office is currently settling all previous purchases from last season forward to this season. Tickets to the public should begin in June. A very informative video from Charles Fee below.

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