As a parent, I like to think that my kids are going to the best possible school they can here in Twin Falls. And, as far as my experiences go, I have no real complaints with the schools my kids attend. Are the schools situations and implementations perfect? No. But that's partly due to the pandemic learning style, my own kids having learning issues and anxieties, other students having different morals than mine do, and issues with communication between teachers, students, and parents.

This is how it is in every school, you can't please everyone and they have to teach and have rules based on the  group rather than individuals. So, which schools in Twin Falls handle the task best?

According to data from Great Schools the best school in Twin Falls is Xavier Charter School. They cover grades kindergarten through 12 so they are number one for elementary, middle, and high schools. That's interesting to me, but not surprising, because my kids went there for the first few years it was open. We decided to switch all our kids to public school after about five years because our kids wanted options not offered there at the time. The school was great though and still is.

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The top schools in Twin Falls based on academic performance and equity for disadvantaged students are:

Elementary Schools

  • Scored 7/10 - Xavier, Rock Creek, Pillar, and Sawtooth
  • Scored 4/10 - Harrison and Morningside
  • Scored 2/10 - Oregon Trail and IB Perrine
  • Scored 1/10 - Lincoln Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Scored 7/10 - Xavier and Vera C. O'leary
  • Scored 2/10 - South Hills and Robert Stuart

High Schools

  • Scored 7/10 - Xavier
  • Scored 6/10 - Twin Falls
  • Scored 4/10 - Canyon Ridge

Some schools weren't included due to no rating listed on Great Schools.

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