Square Enix announced that Team Ninja, the studio known for the Dead or Alive series, is developing an upcoming fighting game for arcades, Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Dengeki reports (via Siliconera) that Square Enix held a closed press conference to reveal the upcoming arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy, which is a crossover fighting game consisting of multiple characters and stages throughout the entire Final Fantasy series. This game appears to be a modern, revamped version of the same fighting franchise we saw debut on the PSP seven years ago. Sony Computer Entertainment President Atsushi Morita was at the event and revealed that this arcade game is being developed using the PS4 as a basis, which makes it extremely likely that there is a PS4 version of the game coming. The control sticks of the arcade machine feature a very familiar pattern (pictured below, wait... two sticks per person?). Unfortunately, Morita didn't confirm a PS4 port or any kind of Western release. Morita, Square Enix and Team Ninja representatives were all adamant that they wanted to bring it to the Japanese arcade scene first. A Square Enix producer at the press conference claimed that there won't be any work done on a console release until a year after the arcade version debuts.

Square Enix and Team Ninja will be hosting location tests for this new Dissidia Final Fantasy game. For our legions of Japanese readers (hon no joudan-dayo), there are location tests happening in areas throughout the Tokyo, Sendai and Aichi areas April 17-19. On April 24-26, arcades in the Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka prefectures will be hosting tests as well.


Here's the Japanese trailer for Team Ninja's Dissidia Final Fantasy from a few months ago:

If the masses are begging for a FFVII remake and Square Enix is worried it's too much work, they should just outsource it to a well-established studio like they did here. Nevertheless, stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this intriguing fighter once more information is available.