In a recent news release, Target announced that they will be paying their team members $15 per hour as their minimum wage beginning July 5th.

Honestly, good for Target if they feel they can do that and keep sound and responsible employees. According to their press release, the permanent wage increase to $15 per hour will start July 5th and will also come with a one time recognition bonus of $200 to them their employees for being essential workers through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The $200 one time bonus will be distributed at the end of July to their eligible employees. I kind of wish I was in college right now working for Target because it would have helped me with that $15 per hour wage.

Like I said, if Target can do it and it is their decision to do so, good for them. Businesses should have the right to pay their employees what they can and it is a great way to get good employees that will stick around.

For more information on the press release click here. Target is also hiring if you or someone you know is looking for a job.

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