Prepare yourselves for some more perspective-turning puzzles in Monument Valley.

The beautiful iOS puzzler with M.C. Escher-like platforms and perspectives will be getting more levels next Thursday. Fans have clamored for more of the challenging, artistic gameplay and ustwo is going to give it to them. The expansion will be called Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores and will be available as an in-app purchase for $1.99.

Forgotten Shores will take place between the last two levels of the original game and will delve deeper into Ida's story, as well as that of the totem's. Dan Gray, the executive producer on Monument Valley, said, "It was never 100 percent settled on that we were going to create more content for Monument Valley. It’s very much a self contained experience. So the question was, how do we create something that doesn’t disrupt that?”

Expect to see more details in the environments around the monuments, with a lot more complexity in the architecture. We're excited. Check out Wired for more from Gray and to see a few sketches of new monuments.