Do You Despise Yard Work?
It's yard work season! Some yards are easy to care for, if you were smart and put in weed mat and rock, other yards can consume your entire weekend. Flower beds always seem like a great idea, until you have more weeds than bushes or flowers.
What Is a Hot Ticket Item To Have at a Yard Sale? [POLL]
I like the occasional yard sale, but I am not like some of my friends who are yard sale fanatics...seriously, it's like every Saturday is Black Friday. I had one friend who would draw out a map and disperse it with a list of locations, items and pick up times. She would be at my door at 5:30am,…
A Man Shoots a Dog For Pooping In His Yard
Over the weekend, 64-year-old Robert Hohenberger of Clayton County, Georgia was arrested after he admitted to shooting his neighbor's Chihuahua in the BUTT with a BB gun.  He says he did it because the dog pooped in his yard.
That's bad and all, but we're not into the story becaus…