How Much Cellular Data Do You Really Need?
When most major cell phone companies announced the end of "unlimited" data plans I was concerned about living under a limited cap--with the possibility of overages and additional fees. But I endeavored to find out how much data I really needed and was surprised by the findings.
Want To Pay $70 For a Brand New iPhone 5?
Like most of the Apple faithful I've been completely brainwashed into thinking I need the latest and greatest iOS device when it's released. I've been plotting a way to obtain the iPhone 5 since its release last fall--despite my contract with Verizon not being up for renewal until Feb…
Want an iPhone 4S For $30 a Month?
Virgin Mobile just announced what could be the best deal on an iPhone and service, period. Starting June 29th, you can get an iPhone 4S on the Virgin Mobile network for $30 a month and that includes unlimited text and data. There's no contracts either. This is pre-paid goodness.
Finally – iPhone On Verizon
After years of speculation, rumors and guessing... Today, Verizon announced that officially, the iPhone will be available to its customers 2 /10/11.
This is exciting news for those of you that are existing Verizon customers and my guess is that this will be better for consumers no matter which c…
Don’t Buy The Verizon iPhone
Tomorrow, all signs point to a second American carrier being added to the iPhone: Verizon. But, my fellow geeks, let's keep one thing in mind: this is a Verizon event, and not an Apple event. That's a very important distinction. Gizmodo explains.
The day that Verizon gets the iPhone will be remembere…