Idaho Has A Problem With Bullying
We see statistics all the time and, frankly, most of them are meaningless lists. However, I saw one stat today that is troubling for those of us in Idaho. If the numbers are to be believed, Idaho has a problem with bullying.
Should The Smoking Age Change?
Currently in Idaho you can buy cigarettes at 18 years of age. That could change. New York is the first state to officially change the legal age of buying tobacco products. Recently the New York Times announced the legal age for buying tobacco, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and …
Should There Be a Curfew for 4th of July Fireworks? [POLL]
I love the fourth of July. Everyone barbeque's, spends time with their friends and families and lights fireworks off. It is truly a great way to celebrate our independence. But, I think that when the fireworks are over it is time to go to bed especially if the fourth of July falls on a wee…

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