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Best Vegetarian Burgers, Ranked
With fast food chains jumping on board with the vegetarian trend, it's time to break down the best options for vegetarians like me or even someone who wants to get in on a 'meatless monday' option.

Where Does Boise Rank For Vegetarians/Vegans?
Where are the best places in the U.S. for a vegan to get their veggies on? Wallethub has just rated America's 100 largest metropolitan areas on such factors as cost of groceries for vegetarians, salad shops per capita and percentage of restaurants serving meatless options. Here are their top 10…
Facebook Testing Hiding 'Likes' on Posts
I won't be mad if likes go away. I think it will actually help a lot of people. The only thing I'll be upset about- not being able to check your baes 'likes' and seeing if that one girl you've been keeping tabs on has liked his post or not.

Juul To End Advertising in US
Local stores like Walmart have already stated they're no longer selling flavored e-cigarettes, but now you won't be seeing them advertised while you're watching the news KTVB or the Bachelor anymore either.

Wearable Chairs Are a Thing and I'm Confused
Can we just accept the fact that we have to stand at times? Is it really all that bad that people want to strap a metal chair to the back of their jeans? I'm not buying it. And I'm still waiting to hear one good reason that anyone would.

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