If you want the Great Pumpkin to visit you, Charlie Brown's friend Linus said you have to have the "most sincere pumpkin patch."

When we go to get pumpkins this time of year I think most of us head to the grocery store and try and find the best one we can, but if you want a true Halloween pumpkin experience, you need to pick your own off the vine at the Pumpkin Patch.

The Magic Valley is littered with Pumpkin Patches. There are patches in Gooding, Twin Falls, Oakley, and Burley, but my favorite is in Buhl. Every year my family visits the Crismor Pumpkin Patch and inevitably walks away with more pumpkins than we actually need, and this is my pick for the most sincere patch.

The Patch is on the honor system. They have a display set up to the right of the patch with a general pumpkin size guideline. Pick your pumpkin from the patch--or from the selection they have on display--match it to the correct size pumpkin and then put your money in the drop box. And there truly is something to be said walking through the vines with hundreds of pumpkins at your feet as you look for your perfect pumpkin.

This year the pumpkin patch will be a little different. Instead of hauling the pumpkins up front for display the entire five acre pumpkin patch will be open to look through. Some carts will be provided, there will be porta-potties, and a hay bail maze. Parking will also be improved.

One thing to note: grocery store pumpkins have had their stems cut and sanded to remove the burs from it. When you grab one out of the patch, don't grab the stem or the vine. You will get a poke.


Crismor Pumpkin Patch

September 27 through Halloween
Hours: Daily, dawn to dusk
1748 East 4100 North, Buhl
(208) 543-4953
Pumpkins: 25 cents to about $10, depending on size

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