If you are waiting on your stimulus check and want it direct deposited…time, my friend, is running out.

Deep breath...it will be OK...here is the situation. Many people got their stimulus check without any hassle, other there was a hassle.  I had a big freakin’ hassle. I had to submit my info and I will tell you, it was a pain!  I had to put my information in a very exact way to even submit my info for direct depot. I have a PO Box…I had to put it in with all capital letters…’PO BOX’ not ‘PO Box’…after many tries I figured that out. I put in my numbers and my check will hit my account this week. So, if you can make it past that hurdle and get to the page that lets you enter your information you still have some potential issues.  This is where you start the process. You will also need some details from your most recently tax forms. If you don’t have a copy you can go to the IRS so get that info. It is called a tax transcript and it gives you the details from your most recent tax forms. It only takes a few minutes so you access right away. If you have not received your stimulus check and want it direct deposited, you have until Wednesday May 13, 2020 at noon according to CNBC.  BUT, BUT, BUT…you can’t get that done by then…you are not going to miss out.  It will just be old school. They government will send you a check and you will get it sometime later this month or in June.

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