Christmas is less than four weeks away. Will you be heading to Idaho's backcountry for your tree this year, or will you be buying yours from a lot or taking it out of a dusty box?

December is just about upon us. Many people in southern Idaho are in the process of decorating homes, planning the annual Christmas tree outing to the South Hills, or setting some cash aside to buy at a local tree lot. What about those that need go no further than the shop, shed, basement or attic to find their living room symbol of the holiday?

My wife and I have conflicting opinions on Christmas trees. She prefers the real thing, and I think anything that is lit with white lights that resembles a tree does the job just fine. I'll admit, I have a problem paying $100 for a tree at a lot. I'm not as crafty a bargainer as Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story either. It has been proven however that using real trees is much better for the environment, and you don't have to have one shipped from China either.

We have headed to Idaho's South Hills for the past several years to cut one down. It makes my wife happy, and it's not a bother at all. The tradition in my family in past years was to have one real tree, and one artificial one usually placed in close proximity to the front door. I have absolutely no problem having a fake, boxed Christmas tree.

As long as the lights look good and the family's most cherished bulbs and ornaments are on it, I'm fine with not watering the thing and cleaning up sap and needles. If you are a fan of fake trees during the holidays and maybe could use a new one, according to the Home Guide Pro, here are the top five best-selling artificial trees in the United States.

Beautiful Hoarfrost In Twin Falls

Hansen Rock Creek Christmas Lights 2020

Balanced Rock Star Shower Dec 1 2020

The LaBelle Lake Ice Palace

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