I am going to be snowshoeing for my first time here soon so I wanted to look up some tips for those of us who have never been or maybe you need a refresher.

Snowshoeing seems to me to be like skiing so I feel like I am going to be ok that way and really the poles help you out and the equipment keeps you on top of the snow.

According to Snowshoe Magazine here are some tips for us first timers:

  1. check the weather: it's best to go after a snow storm clears, not only is it safer but it also helps to have fresh snow.
  2. dress warm and have layers
  3. be prepared, water, snacks and the magazine even says sunscreen. The snow reflects the sun and people can come off the snow with sunburns.
  4. bring a friend, always best to have someone with you
  5. know the basics, starting on a flat trail can help you get the footing.
  6. select a trai, find out where to go and ask someone in the know if needed.

I am SO excited to get out and try it.


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