In honor of National Fried Chicken day, we want to know which piece of fried chicken is your favorite. Do you go for the dark meat or the white meat? Do you just eat whatever chicken is available on the table?

There is an art to fried chicken that I have not mastered in the slightest. I went to Kentucky last year and had the best fried chicken I have ever had in my entire life. For me I prefer drum sticks or breasts. Yes, I realize I am playing both sides of the field. I love fried chicken, don't judge me.

Which one is your favorite? I know people who absolutely refuse to eat anything other that the white meat or the dark meat. If not done correctly I feel like the white meat can get pretty dry. I speak from failed experiences, maybe it is just my inability to cook. Dark meat can be delicious but at times a little greasy. I don't care. I will pretty much eat any piece you put in front of me.

You know we have to talk about all the important things that surround food. Speaking of, we need to get someone who knows how to cook fried chicken well to open up a restaurant. There aren't a ton of great options for fried chicken around the area.

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