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Twin Falls Brickhouse Opening Under Restrictions
The Brickhouse and Rouge are pretty much the only night club type businesses I can think of in Twin Falls. They were not supposed to be allowed to reopen until phase 4 but Governor Little pushed nightlife to phase 3 under restrictions. That being said, the nightlife won't return just yet to Bri…
Celebrate Phase 3 With Charity "Birthday Party"
After several times having to reschedule, Gordy Schroeder who is the "Gordy" from Hwy 30 Music Fest is celebrating his birthday party with a charity event. Tickets can still be purchased at the door if you want to support the cause.
This Has Been Deemed The Best Place to Retire in Idaho
Please don't hate me for saying this, but I was a little surprised by this finding. No that it is bad, I think most of Idaho is beautiful and we are very lucky to live here, I just wouldn't have expected this to be at the top on's list of the "Best Place to Retire in Idah…

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