This might be the most amazing house I've ever seen in Idaho, and there are a lot of really cool homes in this state. The mansion seen on is on the Spokane River in Post Falls and it's a true dream home with 42 rooms across 28,000 square feet. Of those 42 rooms, 13 are bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and multiple kitchens. Plus the mansion has a large pool, basketball and tennis courts, a 10 car garage, covered BBQ gazebo, and caretaker home.

The house currently isn't for sale, but keep an eye on it. The original price in 2009 was almost $20 million and has currently dropped in value down to only $7.2 million. There was talk last year of turning the mansion into an event center or bed and breakfast. The house even has all the amenities I think a house should have to be enjoyable during a pandemic.

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