It's one of the most disturbing things I can ever think of, why anyone would ever injure a harmless animal. But that is exactly what happened to one cat who was shot multiple times with a BB gun leading to her untimely death.

Idaho News was first to report details about the incident that took place last weekend in Nampa. It started by the cat's owners noticing that their cat was missing. Normally their cat is the first person to greet them as they walk through the door after work. So they began the search of looking for their cat.

Eventually the cat did make it home, but the family knew something was wrong. They rushed her to the vet and found two BB's in the cat's body, one in her leg and one in her spine.

Because one of the BB's were so close to her spine, the only option was to put their family cat down. It was then that the family contacted the Nampa Police Department.

It's tough because the family has no idea who or why anyone would do this to their cat.

As a big animal advocate and Nampa resident this news infuriates me. I have two dogs that are my family members if I found out that someone was shooting them I would have a hard time controlling my anger.

Please, if you hear anything about animal abuse in Nampa say something to law enforcement. There is no room for abuse of animals in the Treasure Valley, or anywhere for that point.

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