4th of July in Idaho means a lot of us head for the hills and by the hills I mean McCall. Over 20,000 Idahoans flock to the small resort mountain town that normally has about two thousand people living there full time. You can imagine the challenge this presents when it comes to managing a pandemic especially when the majority of people that go to McCall are from Ada and Canyon counties which are the most affected areas of the state. The Major of McCall shared his perspective with this statement in an interview with ktvb: “We are told to assume that everyone has the virus and to protect ourselves accordingly," . The good news for those who are not happy about wearing masks is that the resolution only requires masks to be worn in all public INDOOR spaces.

Here are the mask facts from the city of McCall facebook.
➡️ McCall City Council passed a resolution and health order (4 votes to 1) requiring masks in McCall in all public indoor spaces or when 6ft can’t be maintained.
➡️ Education is always the goal but the order is paired with a fine of $100.
➡️ The mandate begins at Midnight on July 2nd.
➡️ Why? To keep the public safe, businesses open and to support the outpouring of comments from the community.
➡️ Where? Indoors in all buildings inside City of McCall and 5 miles outside its city limits.
➡️ Learn more tomorrow at McCall.id.us/maskupmccall.


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