The rumors were true! The Korean Barbecue restaurant Cupbop is coming to Twin Falls and will be opening soon. They are located on Blue Lakes where the old Subway used to be kind of by Wendy's. you can't miss their big bright sign.

Cupbop officially made the announcement on their Facebook page even though you could see they were hiring on their website the last few weeks. They shared an awesome little video showing exactly how the Cupbop experience works and I really want to give it a try.

Right now the building is under construction and so I can't figure out exactly when the restaurant is going to open. I imagine fairly soon if they are hyping it up and the massive sign is up and noticeable.

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Cupbop is Korean barbecue in a cup and you pick your base, your meats, your sauces and shake, It honestly looks absolutely delicious. They have to be doing something right if they are expanding so quickly. They have locations in Meridian, Idaho Falls, Las Vegas and more.

I have heard from several friends that Cupbop is absolutely delicious and according to some of the comments on their social media page, it is something we should be excited about.

Any time new food comes to Twin Falls we get really excited. Especially when it is a food that we don't really have as an option right now. I don't know of another Korean barbecue place that Twin Falls has, if I am wrong let me know.

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